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Search Engine Optimisation Costs:

Here you will find a short list of services I can provide for you, really we need to talk through your requirements to make sure you receive the service you need. Prices are based on estimates and can not be held 100% accurate, I need to assess you and your sites requirements before a hard and fast price can be stated.

SEO Strategy and Report:

10 hours flat rate for Search Terms Research and report £450

25 hours flat rate strategy, report and initial implementation £1050

SEO By Website Size:

Get your 20 Page Website Search Engine Optimised From £1200

Get your 50 Page Website Search Engine Optimised From £2100

These types of SEO packages are researched and applied over a two to four week period.

Joomla CMS Business Websites

Small Business Joomla Website

Expect to pay from £1,000 up to £4,000 for the a small business Joomla website package. If you have a photoshop design it will keep the price down somewhat, likewise if you what me to create a quick but effective design from your corporate colours and other sites you like, it will keep one part of the costs down.

Total Cost £1,000 to £4,000

Medium Sized Joomla Website

Once you move into the medium sized business website range the price goes up. You can expect to pay a minimum of £2,800 regardless of size, requirements and functionality.

The price rises according to added elements such as directories, events registration and bookings, paid for listings, clever image manipulation and so on. The more different elements there are the more time needs to be spent making sure it works fully on mobile devices, potentially putting you into the larger price bracket.

Total Cost £2,800 to £8,000

Large Sized Joomla Website

A large website can be a simple site. If we're looking at 100 pages of standard content, by which I mean just text and images, I can do this at a lower price than a medium sized business website. Full community websites like an association might have or complicated levels of user access that might require subscription makes for a complicated or large business website. A site with lots of standard articles could cost as little as £6,500 but a complicated fully interactive site could reach £25,000. Any project over that scale would require me to call in experts I know to build parts of the site, so the cost could be well over £25,000. All developers I bring in are of the highest professional standard, absolutely no cheap work.

Total Cost £6,500 to £25,000

Joomla Support Contract

My pay as you go rate is £75 per hour. Contracted agreements reduce that figure to £50 per hour, contracts have a minimum 12 months term of a minimum 4 hours per month. I can also be hired as a remote webmaster with an 8 hour day rate of £500 or £400 if it's agreed to be a minimum of 12 times per year.

A larger amount of hours per month could be reduced further e.g 40 hours per month @ £35 per hour.

Joomla Hacked Removal Service

£375 - £899

Joomla Security Audit


Basic SEO improvements and Links

£75 per hour for very small, quick, in and out 'on page' SEO fixes.
£60 for six months published backlinks x 3 reputable sites
£100 for twelve months published backlinks x 3 reputable sites

These are only suited for clients with obviously very bad content and formatting.