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Joomla Web Design

The design of a Joomla website is controlled by a 'Template'. Joomla templates creates the layout that you might call blocks or columns, this could be one main content area with a parallel much thinner one for a menu or other info, similar to Twitter. We can create any appearance with Joomla to give you exactly what you want.

Custom Joomla Template

We can create a custom design as we build the site bringing down the cost by several hundred pounds. If you have company/corporate colour scheme and an idea of a basic layout ( other sites you like ), we will build a template for you.

Graphic Design To Joomla Template

If you supply us with a design in photoshop or similar format, we will create a bespoke Joomla Template and install it for you. Weather it's a new site build or refreshing your current Joomla website.