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Joomla Website Speed Optimisation

For some time now Google has pushed webmasters to reduce page file sizes and speed up the load time of websites. It's possible that web users might blame Google for a slow load time when visiting a site from their listings. As such you cannot blame Google for penalising websites that take an eternity to load.

Do any of these effect you:

  • Extraneous HTML in the page
  • Large image file size
  • Loading a large image but displaying it small
  • No gzip compression
  • Expires headers
  • Too many CSS files loading
  • Incorrectly positioned Javascript files
  • Third party adverts on landing pages

Have you ever closed a site that's loading because it's taking forever? I have, many times.

Joomla Website Optimisation

Why not let me speed up your Joomla website, take control of: 301 and 302 redirects, excessive HTML code, number of CSS files, image file sizes, set file extensions and headers caching, gzip where needed, javascript files and more.

I also offer advice on hosting, if your site has grown too big for shared servers and you need to pay for a virtual or complete server package I will give best advice on a way forward fro you. As I don't host sites myself it's completely independent.

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